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The brief for this project was to upgrade an existing machine positioning system to reduce mechanical wear ,increase repeatability and improve the speed that minor adjustments could be made.  Additionally the solution had to be able to be installed across multiple machines with minimum disruption.  It was important for this design to be minimum mass, minimum space, high speed and easy to maintain  This led to the development of a small cartridge like linear axis allowing the fitting of  multiple axis in a specially designed housing. 

The housing and relevant attachment brackets were designed and created using our inhouse additive manufacturing capability.  This gave our client a low mass component that could be moved at high speed with precise moves.  Designed as a cartridge it allows for minimum downtine if / when replacement becomes neccessary.  Designing and  manufacturing inhouse meant that the project could be completed in a short time frame.  The BECKHOFF servo motors and servo terminals chosen were the ideal partner to control the leadscrews, offering ease of set up and the neccessary speed of control.

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